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Automation of buildings and warehouses

We use specialized solutions for building automation, which includes the industry-adopted BACnet protocol.

Introduction of the system makes it possible to provide the following:

  • Automated control of engineering systems, engaging their interaction according to an individually developed algorithm.
  • 24-hour data acquisition on the condition of engineering systems using sensors.
  • Real-time remote control and management of the system via the Internet or local area network.
  • Instant display of data on off-normal operating conditions at the operator’s computer.
  • Storage and reading of historical data of the building management system.
  • Sending alarm messages to both e-mail and mobile phone.
  • Creation of system parameter fluctuation diagrams.
  • Prevention of emergencies, their detection and elimination by automatically activated protection systems.
  • Accounting of consumption of energy resources: electricity, gas, heat, etc.
  • Remote control of process equipment, real-time management.
  • Advanced user-friendly HMI that provides the operator with comprehensive real-time and historical process information, extensive operator capabilities for managing the process.

For the automation of the warehouse, we develop various solutions with the use of conveyor and measuring equipment, machine vision systems, Pick-by-Light / Put-to-Light systems, barcode scanners and RFID technologies, etc. We also develop specialized software for automated process control systems.

The introduction of the system will ensure:

  • Efficient use of warehouse space
  • Effective Inventory Management
  • Improving the accuracy and timeliness of product accounting
  • Increase the speed of processing orders
  • Elimination of re-sorting
  • Reliable, safe and efficient storage of goods
  • Reducing the role of the “human factor”, minimizing the number of personnel, increasing labor productivity
  • Increase transparency in the warehouse
  • Full control over the operation of all engineering systems with the collection of data in a single control room
  • Warehouse energy efficiency management
  • Accounting for the specifics of the work of a warehouse in any field of activity, regardless of its scale and intensity of work
  • The ability to easily cope with the maximum loads in high-loaded warehouses
  • Integration with any WMS systems and specialized equipment
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