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Compliance with standards and stringent legal regulations is vitally important in the production of meat products. Meat industry automation requires technological knowledge.

We offer an end-to-end, open and flexible software framework for meat production.

The system provides for an automatic control of the meat production main stages:

  • Raw meat acceptance;
  • Raw materials weighting;
  • Taking photographs of raw materials during weighing;
  • Accounting for the quality of the raw meat received and batch passport drafting;
  • Defrosting raw meat;
  • Raw materials deboning and trimming;
  • Raw meat standardization;
  • Sets of spices compilation;
  • Transfer of sets of spices to production;
  • Mincing;
  • Transfer of semi-finished products and auxiliary materials to production;
  • Registration of the products output on the sausage making shop frame;
  • Transfer of sausage products to sediment chambers;
  • Products entry and exit registration from the sediment chambers, heat treatment, cooling, smoking and drying;
  • Transfer of products to the buffer warehouse and packaging area;
  • Packing products and transferring them to the expedition warehouse.
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