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Equipment and technological processes automation

We enhance the production process by introducing modern technologies

We carry out an end-to-end engineering cycle: production control, technical specifications preparation, design and working documentation development, software development, installation and commissioning, future support of the system.

Product labeling (by piece, serialization and aggregation)
We assign a unique serial number to each product unit

The products are protected from falsification and counterfeiting in accordance with the requirements of the Federal law No. 433-FZ and the Government of the Russian Federation order No. 792-r

Food industry integrators union (FIIU)
Together we help food industry companies to achieve thеir most daring goals

FIIU members’ main activities: Process control systems (PCS), Production management systems (PMS), OEE reporting, Digital labeling, EMS (Energy management), CIP-analytics

Collaborative robots "Universal Robots"
Automation is the competitive advantage you need

Manufacturers around the world are turning to automation to help solve labor shortages, increase productivity and improve product quality. Collaborative robots provide a cost-effective, flexible, and safe automation solution for a wide range of production tasks.

Schneider Electric Exchange

VEKAS has joined the Schneider Electric Exchange global business platform designed to address real-world sustainability and efficiency challenges by increasing digital collaboration capabilities.

Schneider Electric Exchange
We carry out a full cycle of work



Manufacture, supply, installation


Installation and commissioning works


Service maintenance

Core strengths
Fast return on investment

We offer a whole range of solutions and developments in the field of process automation. The average payback period is 1 year

Reliable and proven solutions

We work only with proven manufacturers and suppliers of components for automation systems: Siemens, Schneider, Omron, ProLeiT, etc.

Own production of control cabinets

Specially equipped production for the assembly and testing of control cabinets

Service maintenance 24/7

Various service programs to support users. Processing of service requests 24 hours a day

Vekas - automation and optimization

Our task is to optimize the production process by introducing modern technologies.

We carry out a full cycle of design: drafting of the technical task, inspection of production, development of design and working documentation, software development, installation and commissioning, further maintenance of the system.

In order to speed up the process of pre-testing, debugging and commissioning the system, we apply process emulation.

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