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Grinding with the Universal Robots collaborative robot

The video demonstrates the methodology for transferring the tool path to the robot manipulator Universal Robots. With the help of a special post-processing module Universal Robots for CAD / CAM of the Autodesk Fusion 360 system, the process engineer has the ability to create a trajectory and overlay it on a product developed in any CAD system.

Our example shows how to create and overlay a sander path onto a furniture facade. The trajectory is converted into the URScript format, which can be easily imported into the robot control program, where it is possible to supplement the algorithm with the necessary functionality, including the use of a force-torque sensor that monitors the pressure of the grinding tool on the product.

The ability to create trajectories in a CAD / CAM system eliminates the need for programming the movement of a robotic arm and reduces the development time for algorithms for grinding and polishing any furniture products.


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