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Design and implementation of Chestniy znak dairy products accounting system

Design and implementation of the Chestniy znak accounting system for tobacco products

Design and implementation of a tobacco accounting system

Technical vision system for detecting and marking defects on a plastic sheet

Implementation of a computer vision system for date and expiry date determination

Implementation of the “Chestniy ZNAK” labeling system at a tobacco factory

Automatic application of variable barcodes for cable protection

Disinfectant guiding unit automated control system development and implementation

Labeling and traceability system pharmaceutical products design and development for Chestniy Znak

Development and implementation of an automated control system for the dry components unit for the cream-stabilizing mixtures line of the “Arsil” technological process

OEE-reporting system development and implementation

Design and implementation of an automatic line for measuring the weight and size of postal items

Design and implementation of an automatic 14-route sorting line with a return line for trays

Design and implementation of a dynamic weighing and sorting system

Design and implementation of a pallet moving system through the gallery between buildings

Design and implementation of a dynamic weighing system

Manufacturing, supply, installation supervision of control cabinets for conveyor line control

Design and implementation of a system for weight and size determination

монтаж шкафов

Production, delivery, supervision of control cabinets in a dairy plant.

Система перемещения

Designing a system for moving pallets from palletizers to a cold warehouse

Проектирование системы перемещения паллет

Designing a pallet transport system in a multi-level warehouse

Automation of transport line and antimicrobial processing of products

Автоматизация испытательного стенда

Automation of the test stand

Автоматизация 2х стендов

Automation of 2 stands for acceptance testing of centrifugal pumps

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