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Automation of 2 stands for acceptance testing of centrifugal pumps

Automation of 2 stands

Before automation

Prior to installing the automatic system, all readings were recorded manually. Reports on the operation of pumps were also made manually. It was impossible to analyze the archive data

After automation

All data automatically enters the system based on WinCC. After checking the pump, a report is automatically generated, the data is written to the server and stored for a long time.
The automated stands are designed to conduct acceptance tests of centrifugal pumps in accordance with GOST 6134-2007 with the display of modes and parameters of the pump, as well as its technical state, with registration in the protocol.

Description of the task from the customer company LLC Tekleor

LLC Tekleor provides services of non-chemical antimicrobial treatment and elimination of pathogenic microorganisms for different types of products. To implement the antimicrobial treatment of a huge amount of products, it is necessary to introduce an automated process control system.

Main features of the solution
  • Transportation of the original products through the irradiation chamber to the premise with finished products;
  • Adjustable feed rate;
  • Ability to manually set the speed of the product;
  • Ensuring the continuity of the passage of products, implemented speed-mechanical solution;
  • Control of the tilters in the finished product area for turning the box with the products;
  • Control of roller mechanisms and belt conveyors with control of the state of control objects;
Software and hardware complex
  • Controller: Siemens S7-1500
  • Visualization: SCADA system

The company LLC Tekleor introduced on the automated process control system for antimicrobial treatment.
The advantages:

  • System with the ability to ensure the continuity of the passage of products, implemented speed-mechanical solution;

Minimized risks of product losses during the performance of technological operations due to preventive and emergency signaling, control of the accumulation of pallets. Emergency stop is provided

Main stages

1.Preparation of terms of reference for the company;
2.Identification with the customer of the main components of the system;
3.Experts of the company “VEKAS” and representatives of the company “Tekleor” have determined the necessary equipment for installation in the enterprise.
4.Departure of VEKAS specialists to the enterprise and discussion with the customer of the installation details of the system.
5.Production of the system.
6.Delivery of equipment by specialists of the company “VEKAS” to the place of installation to the customer.
7.Installation, testing of the system. Putting the system into operation. The commissioning works on the adjustment of the interaction of electrical equipment systems in various modes are being carried out.
The composition of these works includes:

  • maintenance of mutual relations, adjustment and adjustment of characteristics and parameters of separate devices and functional groups of an electrical installation with the purpose of maintenance on it of the set operating modes;
  • testing of the electrical installation according to the complete scheme at idle and under load in all operating modes to prepare for a comprehensive testing of process equipment.
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