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Automation of the test stand

Objective of the project

Designing an automated control and dispatching system for the Alkali test stand

Description of the task from the company-customer

Designing a modern multi-level automated control system for the test stand, for the purpose of further use as a prototype of a serial plant control system.

Main features of the solution
  • Full functionality of the system;
  • Multimonitor interface;
  • A large number of settings for the system to debug the pilot installation;

Automatic reporting.

Software and hardware complex

Controller: Siemens 1500

Control system: WinCC

Number of servers – 1

Number of clients – 1


The psychosis company has implemented an automated control and dispatching system for the testing stand of alkylation.

The advantages:

  • Control system of the test stand with the possibility of further use as a prototype of the control system of the installation of alkylation.
  • Maximum cost minimization with full system functionality.
Stages of project implementation
  1. Preparation of terms of reference for the company;
  2. Identification with the customer of the main components of the system;
  3. The specialists of the company “VEKAS” and representatives of the company determined the necessary equipment for installation at the enterprise.
  4. Departure of VEKAS specialists to the enterprise and discussion with the customer of the installation details of the system.
  5. Production of the system.
  6. Delivery of equipment by specialists of the company “VEKAS” to the place of installation to the customer.
  7. Installation, testing of the system. Putting the system into operation. The commissioning works on the adjustment of the interaction of electrical equipment systems in various modes are being carried out.