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Design and implementation of the Chestniy znak accounting system for tobacco products

Project objective

Design and implementation of a tobacco products accounting system and connecting it to the Chestniy ZNAK system.

Task description by the customer "Pereslavskaya Tabachnaya Fabrika"

An accounting system for tobacco products released, products as part of blocks with quality control functions for applying a code, ordering DataMatrix codes, generating reports and sending information to the Chestniy znak system in accordance with the requirements of Federal Law No. 381- FZ must be implemented at the tobacco factory.

Solution key features
  • Obtaining codes from the Tobacco products marking and circulation information system;
  • Transferring DataMatrix pack codes to the printer;
  • Applying DataMatrix code to the pack;
  • Controlling the application of the DataMatrix code to the pack;
  • Rejection of pack with unreadable codes;
  • Reading DataMatrix codes of packs from the block;
  • Generating DataMatrix code and accompanying human-readable information on the block label;
  • Reading the block code printed on the DataMatrix label;
  • Associating the DataMatrix code of the block with the DataMatrix codes of the packs inside;
  • Rejecting blocks with unreadable DataMatrix pack codes;
  • Rejecting blocks in case of inconsistency of the DataMatrix codes of the packs with the codes obtained from the information system;
  • Controlling the correspondence of the number of blocks in the box to the specified value;
  • Generating a barcode and related human-readable information on the box label;
  • Reading the box barcode printed on the label;
  • Associating the box barcode with the DataMatrix codes of the blocks inside
  • Determining the rejection reason, informing the line operator of necessity to perform regulated actions;
  • Maintaining a database and receiving statistical reports (all actions and events);
  • Forming and storing archive recipes for a technological line and selecting the current one;
  • Generating report files with any given structure and transferring over the network;
  • Ability to import/export data with company’s data systems according to a separately agreed-to algorithm;
  • User-friendly human-machine interface with different access levels.
Project implementation stages
  1. Preparing technical specifications;
  2. Determining the system’s main components;
  3. Departure of VEKAS specialists to the customer’s site and discussing system installation;
  4. System production;
  5. Delivery to the place of installation;
  6. Installation, testing. Putting the system into operation.
Software and hardware system
  • In-house hardware and software system;
  • Server;
  • Operator workstation;
  • Laser coder.

Pereslavskaya Tabachnaya Fabrika has introduced a tobacco products accounting system.

Benefits obtained:

  • High accuracy of code reading – 99.96%;
  • Protecting products from falsification and counterfeiting;
  • Connection to the Chestniy znak system.
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