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Designing a pallet transport system in a multi-level warehouse

Objective of the project

Implementation of a solution for transportation of pallet on a transport line with auxiliary materials, raw materials and finished products between levels. The main types of transport line equipment are driving roller tables and a hoist, the automated control of which is necessary to realize.

Description of the task from the customer company Nevskaya Cosmetics

Automate the process of moving pallet in a multi-level warehouse with the ability to remotely control the operator. Output of service and alarm messages, error prevention, monitoring of operating modes.

Main features of the solution
  • The operator sets the pallet on the loading roller table, chooses the required floor for unloading;
  • The pallet automatically moves through the roller tables to the automatic lift;
  • The lift takes the pallet and moves to the selected level. At the level of the pallet, it is unloaded and moved further along the transport system. The pallet is transported from any selected level to any other level.
Stages of project implementation
  1. Preparation of terms of reference for the company;
  2. Identification with the customer of the main components of the system;
  3. Experts of the company “VEKAS” and representatives of the company “Tekleor” have determined the necessary equipment for installation in the enterprise.
  4. Departure of VEKAS specialists to the enterprise and discussion with the customer of the installation details of the system.
  5. Production of the system.
  6. Delivery of equipment by specialists of the company “VEKAS” to the place of installation to the customer.
  7. Installation, testing of the system. Putting the system into operation. The commissioning works on the adjustment of the interaction of electrical equipment systems in various modes are being carried out.

The composition of these works includes:

  • maintenance of mutual relations, adjustment and adjustment of characteristics and parameters of separate devices and functional groups of an electrical installation with the purpose of maintenance on it of the set operating modes;
  • testing of the electrical installation according to the complete scheme at idle and under load in all operating modes to prepare for a comprehensive testing of process equipment.

The company “Nevskaya Kosmetika” has implemented an automated pallet transport management system in the warehouse complex at a multi-level warehouse.

The advantages:

  • System with the ability to individually set the route of movement of each cargo to a certain level of the warehouse;
  • Minimized risks of product losses during the performance of technological operations due to preventive and emergency signaling, control of the accumulation of pallets. An emergency stop is provided.

Number of I / O points: 120

Controller: Siemens 1200

Visualization: WinCC flexible

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