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Disinfectant guiding unit automated control system development and implementation

Project goal

Carrying out work on the automation of disinfectant guidance unit of two CIP stations

Description of the task from the customer

Carrying out works on automation of the disinfectant guidance unit of two CIP stations with integration into the plant-wide control system

Key features of the solution
  • choosing the mode of concentrate dosing and solution administration using recipe control;
  • selecting the circulation mode of the obtained solution along different circuits of each CIP station;
  • visualization of new objects in the SCADA syste.
Project implementation stages
  1. Technical specifications preparation;
  2. Determining the system’s main components together with the customer;
  3. Development, testing, debugging of applied software;
  4. On-site commissioning tests conduction.

The company has modernized the disinfectant guidance unit of two existing CIP stations.

Benefits obtained:

  • Improved quality of preparation of disinfectant solution;
  • Reduced concentrate consumption.
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