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Labeling and traceability system pharmaceutical products design and development for Chestniy Znak

Project objective

Labeling and traceability system pharmaceutical products design and development for Chestniy Znak.

Task description by the customer JSC "RFK"

Developing and implementing a system for recording pharmaceuticals labeling and tracing, including labeling and tracing products in boxes and pallets, with the option of generating reports and sending information to the Chestniy znak system in accordance with the requirements of Federal Law No. 61-FZ for JSC “RFK”

Solution key features
  • Obtaining codes from the Tobacco products marking and circulation information system;
  • Single product codes are sent by DataMatrix to the printer;
  • Printing codes on a printer with a rewinder;
  • Transfer of printed DataMatrix codes to the applicator;
  • Applying codes on single product (bottle) caps on-line;
  • Controlling the application of DataMatrix code to products;
  • Rejecting products with unreadable codes upon detection;
  • When filling the box as a result of manual aggregation, the label is printed and the box is closed;
  • Pack codes to box codes association is carried out at the operator’s station using a special aggregation table with an integrated machine vision system;
  • The finished aggregate boxes are stacked on a pallet. Adding boxes on a pallet is made using a hand-held scanner at a separate operator’s workstation
Project implementation stages
  1. Preparing technical specifications;
  2. Determining the system’s main components;
  3. Departure of VEKAS specialists to the customer’s site and discussing system installation details;
  4. System production;
  5. Delivery to the place of installation;
  6. Installation, testing of the system. Putting the system into operation.
Software and hardware system
  • In-house hardware and software system;
  • Operator station;
  • Thermal transfer printer with rewinder;
  • Applicator for self-adhesive labels LABELJET 210;
  • Group scan installation;
  • Aggregation table with an Omron-based integrated set of machine vision systems.

JSC “RFK” has implemented a pharmaceutical labeling and tracing system.

Benefits obtained:

  • high accuracy of code reading – 99.96%;
  • compliance with Federal Law No. 61-FZ;
  • connection to the Chestniy znak system;
  • system modularity – easy scalability and modification;
  • ability to import/export data with company’s information systems according to a separately agreed-to algorithm;
  • remote serviceability.


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