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Manufacturing, supply, installation supervision of control cabinets for conveyor line control

Project objective

Project documentation development and supplying of control cabinets for controlling a conveyor line.

Task description by the customer - "Major Express"

Developing a floor control panel (2pcs) to control the conveyor line.

Solution key features

The product is designed to control the operation of a conveyor line and provides:

  • Comprehensive protection of supply circuits and electric motors;
  • Automatic receipt and recording of weight and dimensional characteristics;
  • Automatic reading of barcodes (stickers) of goods;
  • Light signaling of system states;
  • Data exchange with the top-level WMS system.
Project implementation stages
  1. Preparing technical specifications;
  2. Determining the system’s main components;
  3. System production;
  4. Delivery to the place of installation;
  5. Installation, testing. Putting the system into operation. Putting the system into operation. Commissioning works are being carried out to set up the interaction of electrical equipment systems in various modes.

These works include:

  • ensuring intercouplong, adjusting and setting the characteristics and parameters of individual devices and functional groups in order to ensure the specified operating modes;
  • testing equipment at idle speed and under load in all operating modes to prepare for operation.
Software and hardware system
  • Simatic S7-1200 controller;
  • Frequency converters for switching on geared motors;
  • Automatic switches for protecting motor power supply circuits;
  • Circuit breakers for protecting the equipment installed in the cabinet;
  • Temperature maintenance system (thermostat, filter fan, exhaust grille, circuit breaker);
  • Industrial computer;
  • Operator workstation touchscreen monitor.

A floor one-way control panel with lateral cable entry through PG-type sealed glands and cable connectors was installed at Major Express warehouse.

The cabinet design provides easy access to units during installation and commissioning. Power switching devices, protective devices, automation devices, frequency converters (FC), etc. are installed in the cabinet.

The cabinet’s operation principle is based on turning on/off the units according to signals from sensors, buttons, controllers, upper-level systems, etc.

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