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OEE-reporting system development and implementation

Project objective

The system must enable monitoring and control of the technological line and the OEE reports generation on the press line for the laminate flooring production.

Solution key features

Monitoring and control of technological lines is determined by the following states:

  • “production” – processing operations execution time;
  • “equipment on” – time when the equipment is powered on;
  • “idle” – state when the equipment is turned on, but no processing/ manufacturing operations are performed;
  • “equipment off” – time when the equipment is off.

Output in form of reports of production work by shifts, days, weeks, months or a period of time, indicating the main production indicators: the efficiency ratio of production equipment (OEE), the line work percentage (DR), line speed on different orders (SR), quality ratio (QR), breakdown rate (BR).

Project implementation stages
  1. Preparing technical specifications;
  2. Determining the system’s main components;
  3. Departure of VEKAS specialists to the customer’s site and discussing system installation with the customer;
  4. System production;
  5. Equipment delivery by VEKAS specialists to the place of installation;
  6. Installation, testing. Putting the system into operation. Commissioning works are being carried out in order to set up the interaction of electrical equipment systems in various modes.

The company has implemented a machine data collection system on a press line for laminate flooring production.

Benefits obtained

  • Production process “bottlenecks” can be identified;
  • Minimum labor costs for data collection and processing (paperless data collection);
  • Comparison of planned production targets with actual values;
  • The solution is based on S95, OMAC/OPL, GS1 standards.
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