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Technical vision system for detecting and marking defects on a plastic sheet

Project objective

The project’s objective is introducing a vision system for detecting and marking defects, which is able to continuously monitor the presence of different-coloured inclusions, debris and stripes from incomplete inter-run penetration on a plastic sheet.

Solution key features
  • Controlling the presence of different-coloured inclusions more than 1 mm on the sheet produced;
  • Controlling the presence of debris more than 1 mm on the sheet produced;
  • Controlling the presence of inclusions resulting from incomplete inter-run penetration of more than 1 mm on the sheet produced;
  • Applying sticker marking on the product’s defective area;
  • Work process light signaling.
Project implementation stages
  1. Preparing technical specifications;
  2. Determining the system’s main components;
  3. System production;
  4. Delivery to the place of installation;
  5. Installation, testing. Putting the system into operation. Commissioning works are being carried out in order to set up the interaction of electrical equipment systems in various modes.
  • Vision cameras and a printer-applicator are installed in the plastic sheet inspection zone;
  • When the vision system detects a defect, a signal is sent to the printer-applicator;
  • The printer-applicator applies a label to the defective area;
  • All information about the defect cases number is stored in the system.
  • Reducing defective products production;
  • Increased line productivity;
  • Obtaining a complete picture of defects cases;
  • Reducing the human factor influence.
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