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ACS is a control system that enables you to automate technological equipment operation at industrial enterprises. ACS collects, reprocesses, stores, transmits and presents information in a user-friendly form (visualization). ACS develops and implements control action on the control object. The ACS functions include preventing emergency situations, analysing monitored values, stabilising operating parameters and technological indicators.




Automation enables the customer to achieve the company’s main goals in terms of economics and quality.

ACS implementation advantages

  • Improving equipment efficiency;
  • Reducing the human factor influence;
  • Facilitating technological processes management;
  • Full control and monitoring of technological parameters;
  • Improving system reliability.

With the help of ACS solutions, you can implement

  • Technological process control;
  • Collection, primary processing and storage of technical and technological data;
  • Signaling of parameter states of technological process and equipment;
  • Visualization of technological processes;
  • Issuance of recommendations for technological processes conduct;
  • Generalized assessment and forecast of equipment condition.
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