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The increasing requirements for product traceability, maximum production transparency, planning, quality control, etc. require MES application for operational in-process production management in accordance with DIN EN 62264 (Integration of industrial electronic data processing and control systems), based on IEC 62264 (Integration of control systems in industry).

Our systems can significantly increase production competitiveness and achieve full traceability and transparency. The basis for our solutions is S88 for industrial processes and S95 for MES systems.


Basic MES functions:

  • Specification management
  • Order management with standard task lists
  • Resource management with material and technical management
  • Batch back-tracing
  • Recipe and specification management
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Inter-agency report exchange
  • Archiving

With our MES solutions, you can implement:

  • Enterprise resources status and distribution control
  • Operational planning
  • Production control
  • Document management and maintenance of planning and reporting shop documentation
  • Data collection and storage
  • Personnel Management
  • Product quality management

Implementations for different industries can be very different. We have experience in Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry, Brewing, Dairy, food production industries. We take into consideration each industry’s specifics and we will help you receive a higher profit and reduce costs.


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