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ACS and MES systems

Increasing requirements for traceability of products, maximum transparency of production, planning, quality control, etc., require the use of MES systems for real-time production management in accordance with DIN EN 62264 (Integration of enterprise electronic data processing and control systems), based on IEC 62264 (Enterprise-control system integration).

Our systems make it possible to significantly increase the competitive capability of the production and achieve full traceability and transparency. Our solutions are based on S88 standards for industrial processes and S95 for MES systems.


MES base functions provide the following functionality:

  • Specification management
  • Managing orders with standard task lists
  • Resource management with logistic management
  • Batch backtracking
  • Managing recipes and specifications
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Cross-sectoral report exchange
  • Archiving

Use our MES solutions to implement:

  • Maintenance management
  • Production management
  • Quality management
  • Warehouse and funds management.
  • Comprehensive optimization of the production and costs
  • Increasing the volume and ensuring the quality of the production and products
  • Reducing the product life cycle (“time to market”)

The implementation may vary for different industries. We have the experience of implementing our systems in pharmaceuticals, chemical industry, brewing, dairy and food production. For each industry, we take its specific nature into account and help you to increase profit and reduce costs.

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