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CIP-washer is one of the most important technological processes. CIP-reporting allows to solve many problems associated with this process – reducing costs and cleaning time, increasing efficiency, quality control and many others.

  • Still manually filling in the wash log?
  • Electronic logs are not detailed enough?
  • Are there several CIP-stations, each with its own unique system?
  • Do you want to improve the quality of your CIP-washes and reduce waste?
  • Need to lower energy costs and become more competitive?

If you have asked yourself these questions, this page is for you!

We offer several solution in order to solve these problems:

  1. Deep CIP analytics based on Schneider Electric solution — EcoStruxure Clean-in-Place Advisor
  2. Comprehensive consulting on CIP technology enhancement
  3. Special sensors for biofilm control.

CIP-analytics based on EcoStruxure Clean-in-Place Advisor.

This software will help you:

  • completely eliminate the human factor and receive automatic online CIP-analytics for each wash;
  • record all deviations from the set parameters of the “gold wash”;
  • control the contours workload;
  • compare washes with each other;
  • combine data from all washes into a single system;
  • track detergents and energy consumption;
  • receive clear reports with complete parameters;
  • reduce washing time;
  • reduce detergents consumption without losing quality.


  • What is the CIP-process state and level in your company?
  • How to achieve the required CIP process reliability, effectiveness, safety and security?

THE ANSWER may lie in the CIP process comprehensive audit!

Audit is an effective and reliable tool for:

  • searching for inconsistencies;
  • assessing risks;
  • providing detailed recommendations;
  • eliminating discrepancies, upon Customer’s request.
  • How can a CIP process audit contribute to an enterprise?
  • Reducing the finished product and semiproducts rejection;
  • Reducing fuel and energy resources consumption;
  • Reducing consumption of cleaning solutions;
  • Increasing TE;
  • Compliance with company standards, industrial safety and GEHSMS;
  • Receiving\updating a basic set of technical documentation (passports, recipes, TACT parameters, checklists, etc.);
  • Obtaining reliable tools for operational control and maintenance of CIP processes.

Special sensors for biofilm control


  • monitoring bacterial biofilm, non-general fouling(inorganic deposits, etc.);
  • high sensitivity, accuracy and flexibility;
  • distributed approach (network of interconnected sensors);
  • fully digital control;
  • real-time monitoring.

The sensors are supplied with specialized software that allows online monitoring of biofilm growth. This makes it possible to quickly eliminate contamination and select the best washing modes and biocides.


  • Optimization of biocide injection and minimization of biofilm growth;
  • Biocide treatment comparison: chemicals, protocols, administration routes;
  • Early problems detection such as injection errors, chemical problems;
  • Processing conditions adaptation to changing operating conditions.

We will deliberate on each section during a webinar or a presentation that we will conduct specially for you.

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