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Collaborative robots

Cost-effective, flexible, safe collaborative robots (cobots) make automation much easier, even in small and medium-sized companies.

It is important to provide small, medium and large companies with access to safe, versatile, easy-to-use 6-axis industrial manipulators. Industrial collaborative robots automate and optimize cyclical production processes. Their use enables you to relieve production departments employees from routine operations and entrust them with new important tasks creating additional value for the company.

Business benefits

  • Simple programming

The patented technology enables operators with no programming skills to quickly set up and operate cobots using intuitive 3D visualization technology. Simply move the pointing device to the required position or use arrow keys on the easy-to-use touchscreen tablet.

  • Quick setup

Revolutionary cobot setup technology has reduced deployment times from weeks to hours. Setting up the equipment takes half a day on average. The operator doing the initial start-up of typically takes less than an hour to unpack, assemble, and program the first simple operation.

  • Flexible placement

Robots by Universal Robots are lightweight and compact. In addition, they are quite easy to integrate into other production areas, since you do not need to make changes to the general technological scheme. You can easily transfer a cobot from one site to another, thereby automating almost any manual labor, including manufacturing small batches of products or when it is necessary to quickly change the output. Cobots can use the same programs to perform repetitive tasks.

  • Work safely with people

You can replace operators with robots to perform routine operations in hazardous and dirty conditions to reduce the risk of repetitive motion sickness and the risk of work-related injuries. Eighty percent of the total number of UR robots is operated worldwide without safety guards (after a risk assessment) next to human operator workstations. Our robots’ safety systems have been approved and certified by TÜV – German Technical Inspection Association.

The solution is ideal for performing the following operations

  • Repositioning;
  • Packing and stacking;
  • Quality control;
  • Dosing;
  • CNC;
  • And much more.
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Relocation using collaborative manipulators Робот перекладчик
Collaborative manipulators for packaging and stacking Робот манипулятор
Quality control using manipulators Роботизированный контроль
Dosing with manipulators Робот дозатор
CNC machines maintenance using manipulators Обслуживание станков роботом
Dairy products packaging and palleting Робот паллетайзер
Robotic palleting system
Cobots for sanding and rubbing patina in furniture production Деревообработка мебели
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