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Labeling (marking) and pallets traceability

Pallet marking stands for the application of texts, graphics, special characters and coded information for facilitating the pallets’ identification and accounting during their formation, transportation and storage.

System’s main functions

  • The system scans the box label using a machine vision camera and identifies the pallet by QR or DM code of the production order number (QR or DM codes of production order numbers application to boxes is carried out directly on the production lines);
  • The system determines whether the pallet is full or not;
  • If the pallet is full and is successfully identified, a SAP-label is generated and applied using printer-applicators;
  • If the pallet is incomplete and (or) it is impossible to identify the pallet, the pallet is withdrawn to the discharge conveyor for manual processing;
  • After manual processing, the pallet returns to the line and passes through the printer-applicators to apply the generated SAP-label using the printer-applicators;
  • After applying the label, the generated label code is verified and the pallets are sent to the exit, while the pallet information is transferred to the SAP system;
  • Information about production orders is received through a SAP-interface which contains information about:
    • order number;
    • number and name of the finished product;
    • planned volume in boxes;
    • planned dates and times of the order start and end;
    • system statuses of orders.

Information on the label

  • Material code;
  • Batch;
  • Date of manufacture;
  • Shelf life;
  • Production order number;
  • Line number;
  • Material name;
  • Pallet weight;
  • Number of boxes;
  • Units;
  • Stacking (number of rows X number of boxes in a row);
  • Pallet ID generation;
  • Also, a data pool that is sent to SAP is generated:
  1. material code;
  2. batch;
  3. number of boxes on a pallet;
  4. pallet number (unique pallet ID);
  5. date of manufacture;
  6. production order number;
  7. line.

Solution advantages

  • Elimination the human factor influence;
  • Reducing the pallet forming time;
  • Complete transparency of the process;
  • Eliminating errors during pallets transportation.
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Automated pallet marking system Маркировка паллет
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