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Labeling (Serialization, traceability, identification and aggregation)

In accordance with the order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated December 5, 2016 No. 2592-r “On Approval of the Strategy for Counteracting Illegal Trafficking of Industrial Products in the Russian Federation for the Period until 2020 and the Planned Period until 2025”, in the short term, the State Commission has identified a number of measures for the following industries: food, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, medical, automotive, aviation, agricultural, etc.

We supply solutions for various industries: pharmaceuticals, dairy, brewing, beverage, food, tobacco, shoes, tires (car tires), perfumes (eau de toilette), cameras (flash lamps).

Why do you need labeling?

  • Compliance with state bodies requirements by order No. 2592-r;
  • Protecting products from falsification and counterfeiting;
  • Controlling the products movement at all points of the logistics chain;
  • Reducing the costs associated with defects and product recall;
  • Monitoring products’ shelf life;
  • Increasing confidence in product quality and managing customer feedback.

Vekas labeling benefits

  • High code readout accuracy – 99.96%;
  • The system doesn’t depend on the label’s orientation;
  • The ability to upload almost any product information into the database;
  • The ability to import/export data from the company’s data systems according to a separately agreed-to algorithm;
  • Safe and fault-tolerant data storage;
  • Integrated approach – a turnkey solution;
  • System modularity – easy scalability and modification;
  • Fast connection and system setup;
  • Guaranteed technical support.
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Dairy products labeling for manufacturers маркировка молочной продукции
Tobacco labeling for manufacturers Маркировка сигарет
Маркировка духов
Pharmaceuticals labeling for manufacturers Маркировка лекарственных препаратов
Beer labeling Маркировка пива
Drinking water labeling for manufacturers Маркировка воды
Baby food labeling for manufacturers Маркировка детского питания
Vegetable oil labeling for manufacturers Маркировка растительного масла
Labeling (excise stamp accounting) of alcoholic beverages for manufacturers Маркировка алкогольной продукции
Finished product marking Маркировка продукции
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