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Machine (technical, industrial) vision systems

Machine (technical, industrial) vision systems are applied to automate technological processes in which volume, speed or complexity of the analyzed information significantly exceeds operator’s capabilities. These systems enable you to control technological processes by receiving (from industrial video cameras) visual information and analyzing it. The information received is transmitted directly to the operator or actuators.

Machine vision system main functions

Code reading control

  • Linear and 2D barcodes (UPC/EAN-128, DataMatrix, QR code, etc.);
  • Alphanumeric codes (including date validation).

Leakage control

  • Seams, surface quality;
  • Seams integrity.

Labels control

  • Graphic identification (label compliance with the product);
  • Label appearance (unevenness, folds, tears, lagging edges, spots, etc.).

Cover lid

  • Lid presence;
  • Correct position of the lid;
  • Product’s closure tightness;
  • Tamper-resistant protection.

Fill level control

  • Product level control;
  • Making sure that the package contains the correct product.

Advantages of VEKAS machine vision systems

  • Turnkey machine vision systems solutions;
  • High quality control even in aggressive production conditions;
  • Safe and fault-tolerant data storage;
  • The ability to import/export data from corporate information systems according to a separately agreed-to algorithm;
  • Fast connection and system setup;
  • Guaranteed technical support.
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Machine vision system for label control Контроль этикетки
Machine vision system for date control on the package Контроль дат на производстве
Machine vision system for quality control of sealing seams on tubes контроль запайки
Technical vision system for detecting and marking defects on a plastic sheet Брак на полотне
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