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What does OEE mean? OEE is an abbreviation of Overall Equipment Effectiveness. OEE represents unplanned equipment downtime. For example:

  • Lack of load
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Break
  • Strike

OEE coefficient is calculated by a simple formula:

OEE = equipment availability in % x equipment capacity in % x quality in %

Our solutions are based on S95, OMAC/OPL, GS1 standards

OMAC (Organization for Machine Automation and Control) actively supports this standard and all major manufacturers of packaging equipment and also filling machines develop their software to fully comply with it. The standard is supported by such manufacturers as Douglas, PEPSICO, Procter & Gamble, SAB, BOEING and many others.

According to the standard, you receive full information about the equipment operation:

  • OEE indicator
  • current performance
  • design performance
  • product type
  • CIP washing status
  • running time
  • downtime
  • types of downtime
  • errors
  • energy consumption
  • consumption of various materials

We prepare various reports using the information we collect, for example:

The shift report contains basic data on shift management and management of bottling, and ties parties to the relevant shifts. The detailed information on the auxiliary time and failures also arrives here.

Shift report containing basic data on shift and filling management, and also links batches and corresponding shifts. This is also where the detailed information on the auxiliary time and failures also stored. In other words, the shift report contains:

  • Article report provides the production manager with information on the amount of one product item (article) filled, as well as an overview of the main indicators. The report makes the difference between the planned and actual amount easily detectable.
  • Equipment and failures report help finding errors in individual equipment and the entire filling plant. The problems are recorded in a special list, which makes it possible to document production “bottlenecks”. The times of checks and lubrication of the equipment are displayed as absolute time stamps.
  • Quality reports document the compliance of the production facility with the established standards. CIP report includes data on detergents and disinfectants, responsible persons, as well as data from relevant microbiological laboratory tests.

In order to achieve maximum production transparency in accordance with the standard, we provide visualization of the production line workflow.

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