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Today RFID-technologies are vigorously developing and starting to force out standard barcoding systems.

RFID (Eng. Radio the Frequency IDentification , RFID, rfid ) – is a technology of automatic remote objects identification, labeled RFID-tag. The system uses a radio frequency communication channel.


All raw materials are tagged with RFID tags. When reading RFID tags, all the required information is entered into a single file. Via this system operators can track all production stages and keep records of raw materials and finished products.

Implementation benefits:

  • Instant audit;
  • Improving planning system’s efficiency;
  • Reduced downtime;
  • Improving logistics system’s efficiency;
  • Tracking the product’s path during the entire technological path;
  • Improving the efficiency of problem solving.

RFID-system implementation advantages:

  • The data stored in RFID tags can be rewritten and appended;
  • Tags can be reused multiple times;
  • The ability to read through the package;
  • The tag and reader orientation does not matter;
  • Fast processing of a large number of objects;
  • RFID tags can be used in hostile environments, resistance to external factors;
  • RFID tags can be group-read;
  • Durability of RFID tags;
  • Large amount of stored data;
  • Information can be read over long distances.
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