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Automated pallet marking system

All pallets must be marked in order to facilitate their identification and accounting during formation, transportation and storage. VEKAS has developed an automated pallet labeling system that can significantly reduce the time and increase the the process’ efficiency.

Solution key features

  • Automatic pallet identification;
  • Automatic pallet labeling;
  • Automatic conveyors control;
  • Determining pallet fullness;
  • The ability to manually scan and code the pallet;
  • Transfering pallet information to SAP.

Information on the label

  1. Material code;
  2. Batch;
  3. The number of boxes on a pallet;
  4. Pallet number (unique pallet ID);
  5. Date of manufacture;
  6. Production order number;
  7. Line;
  8. Any other necessary information can be added.

Solution’s main advantages

  • Eliminating the human factor influence;
  • Reducing the pallet forming time;
  • Complete transparency of the process;
  • Eliminating errors during pallets transportation.
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