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CNC machines maintenance using manipulators

Increased speed and reduced the risk of industrial injury when operators work in close proximity to heavy equipment, such as a CNC machine. If the manipulator touches a person, then the applied force will be limited. UR robots can also be programmed to operate at a reduced speed when a person enters the robot’s operating area, and restore maximum speed when a person leaves that area.

  • Universal Robots can handle most CNC tasks. Such robots are distinguished by compact use of space and the ability to quickly reprogram to be used with various machine tools and peripheral systems, for example, with a video control system;
  • You can quickly and easily transfer a CNC manipulator from one site to another automating almost any manual labor, including manufacturing small batches of products or when it is necessary to make a quick change of products. The robot can use the same programs to perform repetitive tasks;
  • Relieving workers from performing non-ergonomic operations and routine work. Manipulators by Universal Robots enable you to free up labor for more important and less dangerous tasks;
  • Reduced operating costs. Universal Robots solutions enable you to take full advantage of cutting-edge CNC robotics technologies without the usual additional costs of programming, configuring robots, and creating shielded work areas. The shortest payback period, 34 days, is one of the best indicators in robotics;
  • Improving speed, accuracy, reliability, quality. CNC manipulators can withstand significant external disturbances and temperature fluctuations.
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