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Cobots for sanding and rubbing patina in furniture production

A comprehensive solution for robotic surface treatment offered by VEKAS not only improves the quality and work speed, but also reduces the cost of abrasive materials by up to 30%. This is achieved through highly accurate positioning and force provided by Universal Robots collaborative robots.

VEKAS specialists have created a stand based on the UR10e collaborative robot and OS 383 pneumatic orbital sander by Mirka (Finland).

The solution is intended for sanding the product before applying the primer layer, as well as leveling the primed surface before applying the top layer. The principle is shown in the video. In addition to grinding itself, you can see the abrasive strip change.

It is also worth noting the possibility of using a sanding felt instead of a sanding strip. The force-torque sensor built into the collaborative robot by Universal Robots, which ensures the safety of the robot, allows you to carry out such vital work as

lint removal when grinding the primed layer, rubbing the patina and reducing the likelihood of grinding the ends of the workpiece.

A comprehensive solution for grinding and polishing furniture blanks from Vekas can solve the most delicate tasks in finishing woodworking and furniture production.

Solution advantages

  • Increasing abrasive materials resource up to 30%;
  • Reducing the human factor influence;
  • Improving the quality of surface treatment;
  • Increasing the process efficiency by increasing the speed.
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