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Dairy products packaging and palleting

Stacking dairy products using collaborative robots significantly reduces packaging time and frees staff from routine work!

Collaborative robots can handle any dairy form factors, including:

  • bottles;
  • boxes;
  • flowpack;
  • glasses;
  • doypack;
  • ecolin;
  • packages;
  • combined materials;
  • and others.


  • Cobots UR can be used in most packaging and stacking processes. Our robots are characterised by compact use of space and the ability to quickly reprogram to be used with different equipment;
  • Relieving workers from performing non-ergonomic operations and routine work;
  • Manipulators by Universal Robots enable you to free up workforce for more important tasks;
  • Reduced operating costs. Universal Robots solutions enable you to take full advantage of robotics technology without the usual additional costs of programming, configuring robots, and creating shielded work areas. The average payback period is 195 days, which is a record in this industry;
  • During peak periods, UR robots are capable of working around the clock and performing with outstanding quality. The robots can be installed and reprogrammed for different tasks and applications;
  • All collaborative robots from Universal Robots are IP-54 rated.
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