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Relocation using collaborative manipulators

Improve accuracy and reduce waste by using a robot to perform relocation operations at the processing and fulfillment center.

Most of the relocation operations can be carried out by the UR without supervision. So the robot will continue to work after all the employees have gone home. The intuitive and easy-to-program interface of UR manipulators is also ideal for small batch production. A collaborative manipulator used for routine transfer operations increases productivity and flexibility, freeing people for more important tasks.

  • The UR can handle most relocation operations unattended, making it an excellent choice for this type of job;
  • Increasing productivity and flexibility with Universal Robots relocation robots. It takes a superhuman to perform the same movement with equal precision for many hours on end. Therefore, a repeatability of +/- 0.1 mm (0.004 in.) in UR robots is ideal for automating fast and precise movements;
  • The compactness and lightness of Universal Robots’ manipulators make them easy to use in tight spaces;
  • Simple programming and short average setup times for Universal Robots manipulators make them an excellent choice even for small-scale production, where reconfiguration of large equipment is impractical;
  • You can quickly and easily move the robot to perform relocation operations from one site to another automating almost any manual labor, including manufacturing small batches of products or when it is necessary to make a quick change of products. The robot can use the same programs to perform repetitive tasks;
  • All Universal Robots manipulators are IP-54 rated. Additional protection is required for corrosive fluid environments.
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