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RFID-clothing cycle tracking system

RFID systems make it much easier to work with industrial clothing and provide all the information necessary for its control.


Many businesses face the following challenges:

  • no clothes accounting;
  • no information on how many wash cycles the clothes went through;
  • no information on whether the clothes have gone through all the processing phases;
  • no access control to the production of different products in the same technological clothing;
  • no control over clothes location.

All clothes have special RFID tags installed. RFID tags can be washed and ironed, and the information recorded on them will not be erased.

At key production points, stations with RFID antennas are installed, which record the tags proceeding along the entire production route. Should any parameter change, the information is recorded in the System. The following information is associated with each RFID tag:

  • Tag ID;
  • garment name;
  • number of wash cycles;
  • information about product change;
  • number of days in production;
  • data from the employee’s personal card;
  • % wear;
  • cleanliness class.
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