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RFID pallet accounting and tracking system

The goal of RFID pallet accounting and tracking system implementation is to control the movement of pallets between production stages, the finished goods warehouse and the finished goods shipment area.

Key solution features

  • Tracking the receipt of products at the warehouse;
  • Tracking the departure of products from the warehouse (shipment);
  • User right distribution system;
  • Checking the location of finished products;
  • Data exchange with the ERP system of the Customer.


  1. RFID tags are attached to all finished products (pallets) and boxes. Each RFID tag can have the following information:
  • tag ID;
  • type of product;
  • the number of production cycles (for cars and returnable objects);
  • the number of days in production;
  • % wear.
  1. At key production points stations complete with RFID antennas are installed, the stations record how the tags proceed along the entire production route. Should any parameter change, the information is recorded in the System.

Solution’s main advantages

  • Full transparency of pallet movement;
  • “human factor” influence is reduced;
  • Performance evaluation of individual production units;
  • Finding the problem’s location
  • Monitoring product shipment plans implementation and adjusting plans in real time;
  • Monitoring the wear of the operating equipment.
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