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RFID-system for operational control of poultry (turkey) processing

The goal of operational production management system (MES system) implementation is synchronization, coordination, analysis and optimization of product output at all stages of poultry (turkey) processing into a ready-to-sell product.

Solution’s key features:

  • Production order management;
  • Real-time production process management;
  • Reporting on raw materials and auxiliary materials;
  • Tracking and reporting production data and events;
  • Human Resource Management;
  • Inventory management and work in progress;
  • Tracking products genealogy.


  1. Tracking products as they move along the conveyor system is carried out via an RFID system.
  2. Each returnable packaging unit is equipped with a unique id (label).
  3. Workstations at the receiving table and conveyor key points are equipped with tag readers.
  4. When the container hits the receiving tables, the products are laid out in containers, weighed, the tags are scanned and associated according to the line type.
  5. Then, the container moves further along the conveyor system, guided by pneumatic pushers according to the stock keeping unit.
  6. The sorting line is equipped with an RFID reader and the products are distributed among the packaging lines according to the stock keeping unit number. At the same time, the movements of each unit can be tracked via its identifier.
  7. A container with unread tags proceeds to the station for processing/ eliminating the reason why the tags could not be read and returns it to the line.
  8. At the end of the production cycle, the container is sent to the washer and the next time it hits the receiving tables, the container is assigned a new association – according to the algorithm described earlier.
  9. The data on the past cycles is collected and entered into the database for the subsequent reporting.
  10. In order to collect the data and control the production process, SCADA software package implementation is planned.

Main solution advantages:

  • Complete production transparency;
  • Reducing “human factor» influence;
  • Production technology adjustment in real time;
  • Evaluation of individual production units;
  • Determining the place and cause of defected goods;
  • Monitoring production plans implementation and adjusting plans in real time;
  • Monitoring the wear of existing equipment and measuring instruments.
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