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RFID-system for personnel movement monitoring and working time control

Have you ever thought how you can improve your staffs efficiency?

Do you want to accurately record the time of arrival/departure of employees, all late arrivals and early departures? Want to monitor out how long your staff take breaks and rest? Departure of employees from their duties significantly reduces the company’s productivity. How can you avoid this?

RFID-technology automatically collects information on your staff’s movement within the company.

System’s capabilities:

  • Control of staff ’s working time;
  • Control of staff’s location;
  • Control of personnel downtime;
  • Control of employees presence in the workplace;
  • Control management to the premises.

 The advantages of RFID personnel and its location monitoring are:

  • You can instantly reallocate resources;
  • Instant search for any employee;
  • Statistics compilation to identify “underperforming” personnel;
  • Ensures an intensive work pace;
  • Maintaining the required number of employees in the workplace;
  • Reducing the time of the overall production cycle;
  • Blocking/ unblocking access rights to the premises;
  • Prevention of theft and misconduct.

How does it work?

  1. Each employee receives a personal RFID-tag (it contains all the necessary information about the employee);
  2. RFID readers are installed within the area of ​​the personnel’s workplace (the reading radius can be adjusted if necessary);
  3. The location of the employee is recorded (all movements and the “inactivity” are taken into account);
  4. All information is recorded to the database;
  5. Reports are generated automatically.
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