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Robotic palleting system

The system is designed to automate moving boxes from a roller conveyor and stacking them on a pallet, forming a pallet with finished products.

Before collecting the pallet, the operator prepares the pallet and delivers it to the stacking area. Then, the operator confirms the pallet readiness for automatic stacking on the operator’s screen. The light column lights up green, and the automatic pallet forming algorithm begins. The UR10 robot moves the boxes from the conveyor section and places them on the pallet according to current stacking patterns.

The boxes are moved using a vacuum gripper installed on the robot. The cardboard boxes are transported to the palleting area using conveyors. 2 to 4 boxes can be moved in one cycle.

To ensure the safety of the operators and drivers, the working area will be equipped with access control devices (security scanners, light barriers, mesh barriers).

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