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Robotic system for aggregating and palleting products

A robotic system for aggregating and palleting products is a state-of-the-art solution for food enterprises!

The system is designed to automate products’ aggregation into boxes, moving boxes from a roller conveyor and stacking them on a pallet, forming a pallet with finished products. Corrugated cardboard sheets are laid between the rows (every 25 pieces). Sheets of corrugated cardboard are laid from the bottom and top of the pallet along the width and length taking into account min. 200 mm on each side outside the stacked product to protect the transport packaging.

Solution implementation results in an independent, automated system based on controller components and robotic solutions from Universal Robots, control cabinets, mechanical and pneumatic components.

Robotic cell

Universal Robots robotic cells are located in the stacking and palleting areas. We offer to consider collaborative robots (cobots) specially designed for the safest human interaction during the work process.

The cells set includes:

  • collaborative robot;
  • collaborative robot controller;
  • hand control panel for collaborative robots.

Solution advantages

  • Reducing aggregation and palletizing time;
  • Excluding human factor influence;
  • Disengagement of workforce.
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